1: Welcome to The Art of Product

June 1st, 2017 · 33 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Welcome to the Art of Product podcast. This is episode 1, and just the beginning of the journey. This is a show with Ben Orenstein formerly from thoughtbot and Drip co-founder Derrick Reimer. Ben recently quit his job at thoughtbot, and is now focusing on what he is going to do next. Stay tuned. This is going to be a fun journey.

Ben and Derrick talk about venturing out on one’s own and starting a new business. Ben has found a new co-working space in Boston. He is even trying a shared desk for interaction with people and to avoid the work-at-home isolation. Keeping focused and staying on task are important issues. Hopefully Omnifocus will help with that. Derrick is excited about the future and growth of Drip.

Today’s topics include:

How to stay focused when setting up a new business and do more than just the fun things.
The importance of having built-in structure when working on your own business.
How work can creep into your entire life without the luxury of a set schedule.
Putting travel off while getting established. Going from income rate to a burn rate.
Having a financial buffer to provide flexibility with establishing a new business.
Brennan Dunn just spoke at Leadpages, he also happened to be Drip user number 5 and he pushed the product with his innovator feedback.

Derrick enjoyed talking with a power user like Brennan.
How Drip is scaling and hiring with the backend and the core product or feature team.

Links and resources:

CIC Boston
Brennan Dunn