14: The Power of Simplicity


August 24th, 2017

42 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

This week Ben has been managing his projects and to-do list with OmniFocus, which helps as his business and stress level continue to increase. He has outlined and will be recording his last video about form objects and is glad to be approaching the finish line on the course. He also experimented with adding a Call to Action button in his emails but wants to get more data comparing metrics to get the best strategy with different email clients.

Derrick has been in the trenches working on scaling Drip this week by strategizing on architecture with the backend team. They have onboarded one of their biggest customers and are working with them to segment and filter subscribers to be more efficient. He discussed the importance of legacy code base and how it is re-invented and improved over time. While their backend has become more complicated and fast-paced, he and his team are committed to keeping high quality and continue shipping things out quickly.

Today’s Topics Include:

Working around a schedule and dealing with notifications
Email data metrics and call to action tests
Scaling backend architecture
Brain-dumping to address issues
Defining legacy in a code base and continuous re-evaluation
Consistency in a code base
Moving fast and increasing complexity while maintaining high quality

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