21: Launching Refactoring Rails


October 26th, 2017

35 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Ben has officially launched his course Refactoring Rails. He is pleased with his choice of back-end tools including Gumroad for fulfillment. Ben shares his course launch metrics including email success rate, sales numbers and revenue. Early feedback has been positive and the Ruby community has been very supportive. He also discusses his expectations and take away lessons from the overall launch. Ben will be continuing his Ruby tour in the coming weeks.

Derrick announces Drip’s new project teased last episode: a visual email editor. Due to Drip’s widening customer base, there is an increased demand for visual and polished marketing emails. Their designer has been working on mockups and the team is analyzing the current tools available and have some great ideas for improving usability. Drip is still looking for a front-end engineer with Elm experience to help build the tool.

Today’s Topics Include:

Refactoring Rails launch and email strategy
Ben’s launch metrics
Ruby speaking tour
The new visual email editor project at Drip
Building out a new project
Learning new skills as a developer
Choosing programming languages
Derrick’s review of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor

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Links and resources:

"Teaching Elm to Beginners" by Richard Feldman
Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor