25: Chaos, and Growing an Engineering Team


November 30th, 2017

1 hr 42 secs

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About this Episode

Ben introduces The 30-Day Code Quality Challenge and updates us on the progress of his first cohort. He has been receiving positive feedback and participants are engaging with the exercises and community forums. They discuss his work on the project and the future of Ben’s business and his audience moving forward.

Derrick has hired an Elm engineer at Drip and they discuss the adoption of the Elm programming language in the industry. He also shares the hiring and pairing interview process of the candidate. Derrick attended an interesting invite-only conference, Chaos Engineering Day, and discusses Chaos Engineering and the implications for his business. This week Drip is focused on and fully prepped for Black Friday and shares his team wins surrounding the lead-up.

Today’s Topics Include:

The 30-Day Code Quality Challenge first cohort launch and progress
Discourse versus Slack discussion channels
Community building and managing a group
Plans for future challenge cohorts and Ben’s business
Derrick’s successful hiring process for an Elm engineer
Adopting Elm programming language in the industry
Chaos Engineering and testing

Be sure to stick around at the end of the episode for Ben and Derrick’s post-show chat.

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Links and resources:

The 30-Day Code Quality Challenge
Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday
Principles of Chaos Engineering