27: 30 Day Code Quality Challenge, and Elm Development


December 14th, 2017

51 mins 15 secs

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Ben is entering the last week of The 30-Day Code Quality Challenge. He has enjoyed getting the challenges out each day and seeing participants engage with the content. In the future he is deciding whether to personalize the programming languages or to remain language agnostic. The next cohort of the Challenge will start January 3, 2018, and Ben’s looking forward to iterating and improving each cohort of the Challenge. He also discussed a connection he made with Discourse, and explores options for forum management in the future.

Drip is working on their visual email builder with the help of their new Elm developer. The team has just completed several product structure tests using a prototype, which was a greatly helpful experience to the developers. Ben and Derrick discuss their experiences with product usability testing.

Today’s Topics Include:

Approaching the end of The 30-Day Code Quality Challenge
Challenge results and stats on participation
The next Challenge cohort begins January 3, 2018
Positive customer experience with Discourse
Drip’s visual email builder project
Product usability testing

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