30: Nailing an Interview, and the New Drip Design


January 25th, 2018

40 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

Ben has moved into his new apartment and had an interesting discussion about fitness with the movers. Derrick got back is Bod Pod results and is formulating his precise fitness goals for fat loss and muscle gain. Ben is still on the job market and had an interview last week. Ben and Derrick discuss successful interview techniques and experiences they’ve had in the past.

In Drip news, Drip recently got a brand refresh, including a new logo, marketing site, color palette, new messaging, app skin, and more. They are working on focusing their marketing efforts to position Drip in the market as an Ecommerce CRM. Listen in as Derrick discusses the Drip refresh and the thinking behind it.

Today’s Topics Include:

Fitness and Derrick’s fitness goals
Drip’s recent brand refresh
Market positioning in Ecommerce
Ben’s job search progress and interview tactics

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