32: Big Changes


March 2nd, 2018

31 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Some significant changes are going on in our professional lives and today is full of updates.
Ben shares some of the details of his new job at Mackey Research Management Software. It’s providing him with structure, people, team interaction, and new problems, as well as a distance from some other problems. Mackey is a company that makes a note-taking app for hedge funds and features a connection to databases of public companies. Derrick is moving on and away from Drip. While he knows the time is right to move on, there is emotional attachment especially since he was there from the start. Derrick wants to go from leading to doing, again. He’s leaving his “baby” that he co-founded in the best state possible. Derrick is putting together a manifesto about possible upcoming plans.

Today’s Topics Include:

Reasons for moving away from Rails
Ride the wave of different languages
Projects based on learning vs. productive; never stop learning to be relevant
Change in pace and work environment is positive for Ben
Flexibility is a benefit, but it is not for everyone
Stress level difference between working at a job or running your own company
If Ben likes Haskell, he’ll want to talk and teach about it
Haskell has some brain-bender, mind-expander aspects
With Haskell, it feels more like play than work for Ben - and you get paid for it
Derrick has learned to delegate over the years; no longer a bottleneck
New chief technology officer with top-level experience being hired to continue to grow Drip
Derrick will post a manifesto on his website about his upcoming plans
Derrick has been going through administrative tasks required as he transitions away from Drip
Derrick says, even during the dead of winter, that he plans to stay in Minnesota
A logo is being created for Art of Product; and Derrick is working on establishing a brand identity related to his new ventures

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