46: The Importance of Trust with Your Audience with Justin Jackson


June 14th, 2018

1 hr 6 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Today’s episode features guest Justin Jackson, who is building a new podcasting startup called, Transistor.fm, and runs MegaMaker training and books for SaaS and indie software companies. He’s discovering that it’s a lot of work to build something.

Derrick and Ben know how he feels. For Derrick, it’s been a fun week in the land of Level. He’s been working on his new landing page and landing new sign-ups for the pre-launch list. Ben has pre-sold $700 worth of Tuple accounts and raised $500 worth of verbal “Yeses.” Contact Ben if you want to be a part of Tuple. They share their ups and downs, fears and triumphs!

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Should I learn more programming? More design? Acquire skills to connect the two
  • It’s easier to build something after building relationships; a personal approach makes you stand out
  • Can connection with core audience become a scalable competitive advantage?
  • Ways to tell your story and generate followers before you have product info available
  • Get your product into the hands of potential users
  • Propensity that you know all the answers, but bury your ego and ask for help
  • Deciding how much to charge, pricing structure
  • You can get people to sign up and get them to pay for it, but can you get them to use it and keep using it?
  • Invest in something that offers a virtuous cycle of revenue back to your company
  • Demonstrate value of existing content; making money and conversions from specific campaigns and activities
  • Fears and feelings when people are not using a product
  • Hire customer support people to reach out to customers and generate revenue
  • Trend is automated software companies, but the most successful companies emphasize a human service component
  • Pair programming always bubbles to the surface

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