49: The Evolving Tech Stack


July 12th, 2018

21 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Derrick continues to code to make progress on things he will need to build at some point for his product, Level. Also, he spent a lot of time in Elm land for refactoring and additions. Will Elm code work for scaling necessary for Level? Derrick is still trying to decide.

Ben’s team at Tuple has transitioned from C++ to Swift, a newer and friendlier language. Also, Tuple hired a consultant as a sanity check and to be pointed in the right direction for building a native app on Mac. Initially, the consultant will help step up and build with dependencies needed.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Level App: There’s a lot of work to do and time is flying by; not sure when it’s going to be ready, but every day, make progress
  • More than 800 people have signed up for Ben’s Code Quality Challenge; people engaged in it are getting value, doing useful things, and improving their apps
  • Advantages of building your network up online; they share and inquire about info you post
  • Types of tips that spread fast, including bash, shell, and git
  • Ben plans to reach out to people to make podcast appearances to promote Tuple
  • Ben stepped away from sales, but now plans to make money for the company his #1 priority; difference between self-funding and bootstrapping
  • Being in a constant state of push-and-pull; when to do this/that and change directions
  • If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight; jumping through hoops and funding a company
  • Check out Founder to CEO by Matt Mochary, who coaches tech startup CEOs in Silicon Valley; what do you need to know to grow?
  • Friendly reminder if you’re going camping this summer, remember to take mosquito repellent with you!

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