62: Avoiding Negativity


November 8th, 2018

38 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Derrick had a productive week with Level. His deadline of late October to have alpha users try it was looming. So, he has been a bit stressed out. But thanks to relaxation techniques that work for him, Derrick was able to talk himself off the edge!

Ben understands the needs for coping techniques. When little things in his personal life aren’t under control, it’s much harder for him to be productive at work. Every thing’s interconnected.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Battle between work and personal life
  • What makes you happy? Avoid negativity and realize things are going to be ok
  • Ben’s Failure State: When he doesn’t know what to do for a goal
  • Make list of known ingredients needed and check off tasks to push you through
  • Ben’s team did a retrospective for Tuple; marketing is going well and additions have been made to the Tuple Pair Programming Guide
  • Limiting handle reservations and duplicate updates/emails to opt in or opening up handle reservations that cost something
  • Who’s serious about your product? Is filtering the funnel good?
  • Creating sales or a sales team for Level; how Drip did it
  • Suffering from and dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Links and resources:

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