82: Idea to Validation to Launch: MicroConf 2019


March 28th, 2019

25 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

Derrick and Ben have descended upon Las Vegas for MicroConf and an audience hungry for valuable tips on how to successfully start and grow a business.

Ben will have two Starter Edition sessions: Q & A with Rob Walling and Idea to Validation to Launch: The First 365 Days of Tuple.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • MicroConf Goals: Connect with people, spend quality time with friends; don’t feel guilty or FOMO about not going to all talks
  • Ben’s seeking a designer to replace super-successful Steve Schoger
  • Optimism to Realism: Derrick’s shift in mindset about Level at 2018 vs. 2019 MicroConf
  • Sharing wisdom and giving advice - all of the fun, and none of the hard work
  • Not knowing what makes someone a good fit for Level; let people vote with their dollars
  • Getting more founders into therapy to help their mental health
  • Derrick’s mentor role for TinySeed: The Startup Accelerator Designed for Bootstrappers
  • Tuple’s theme of recurring and expansion charges, but also one churn so far

Links and resources:


Ben Orenstein at MicroConf

Rob Walling

Steve Schoger


Sam Harris

Wistia Soapbox


Art of Product on Twitter

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Derrick Reimer on Twitter

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