16: Going Viral and Customer Driven Products


September 7th, 2017

44 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Ben and Derrick are back from vacation this week are feeling refreshed. Ben tweeted something that went viral and has dealt with some people’s misinterpretation and bias. He is working on hiring a designer for some of the course finishing touches and is honing in on the premium tier offerings. Ben also has two side projects, Briefs and Trail Mix, that he is thinking of doing a tour about. RefactoringRails.io is set to launch the end of September.

Drip has been onboarding a new developer onto the core-product team and Derrick discusses his interview and hiring process. He also shares how Drip is doing as a customer-driven product team, inspired by David Cancel’s top ten criteria in a recent Conversion Cast episode.

Today’s Topics Include:

Going viral and dealing with public reaction
Ben’s side projects, Briefs and Trail Mix
Finishing and preparing to launch Ben’s course RefactoringRails.io
Hiring process at Drip
Allocating time for housekeeping tasks to avoid ‘noise’
David Cancel’s top ten items to determine if you’re doing well in a customer-driven product team

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