17: Launch Planning and Speaking at Conferences


September 21st, 2017

32 mins 33 secs

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Ben is coming back from a restorative vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and loves the vibe there. He is enjoying his Vitamix blender and the Dr. Rhonda Patrick micronutrient smoothie. In Refactoring Rails news, Ben is committing to a launch date of October 16th. He is also scheduled to speak at three different conferences before the launch, and is looking forward to the challenge. He got feedback regarding a premium course tier, and is weighing his options on developing these materials. He has a proposal for the design element work and is close to wrapping up on the content.

Derrick attended ElixirConf in Seattle and now feels more confident to use the language in Drip in the future. He’s feeling the pain of running a large Ruby application and is looking for a higher power language. They are heading into using auto-scaling groups and other ways of optimizing the system. He was also interested in the code formatter that Elixir is developing.

Today’s Topics Include:

Health and nutrition in smoothies
ElixirConf and the state of the Elixir language
Erlang Programming language
Scaling Drip, speed and hosting costs
Code formatters
Launch of Refactoring Rails
Premium tier survey and material options
Hiring a designer for the course graphics
Ben’s upcoming speaking engagements: Rocky Mountain Ruby, Southeast Ruby Conference and Boulder Ruby Group

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Links and resources:

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Dr. Rhonda Patrick micronutrient smoothie
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Southeast Ruby
Boulder Ruby Group