2: From Good to Great


June 1st, 2017

35 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to the Art of Product podcast. Derrick is rocking his “I ♥ yoga” shirt because he started practicing yoga at a studio down the street. He also gives us an update on new changes and features at Drip. Derrick was inspired by Ben’s newsletter and decided to work on his own newsletter, which gave him a great opportunity to use his own product.

Ben is discovering that unemployment is a roller coaster. His stress level has been about 5X his normal baseline stress level. He started working at the co-working space and attending mixer events. He is emailing people on his list and sharing his ideas to get feedback for possible products for him to work on. Ben has been reflecting on how people and relationships make him shine and is considering finding a co-founder for his product.

Today’s topics include:

How the metabolic rate of connective tissue is a 5th of muscle tissue.
Drip has refreshed their marketing page and is working on adding product.
How responsive the people at Drip are with feature requests and customer inquiries.
Ben’s top 3 ideas are refactoring his “From Good to Great” talk into a course, a book called The Tiny Book for Faster Rails, and a Rails starter kit.
How it is difficult to plan out everything that is going to happen in the future.
Ways to find support for Ben’s work and projects.
Being open to changing your mind.
How awesome and supportive Ben’s online community has been.

Links and resources:

Ben’s Newsletter
From Good to Great a talk by Ben Orenstein
Sherry Walling