41: MicroConf 2018 Takeaways


May 10th, 2018

31 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Ben and Derrick are recovering from days of being in Las Vegas for MicroConf. They spent time reconnecting with old friends, and making new friends. Knowledge floats around, and you can soak it all in. MicroConf has a culture of extreme transparency, helpfulness, friendliness, and wealth of value. Talks at the conference generated actionable items for and awe from attendees.

Derrick especially enjoyed copywriting and injecting humor sessions. Ben was impressed, too. His favorite talk was from Justin Mares on “How We’ve Taken FOMO 20 to 80k MRR in 18 Months,” where Mares talked about a difficult task and what worked and didn’t.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Show up every day and try to make your business better
  • Growth regrets and scaling challenges for Derrick with Drip; does slow and steady win the race?
  • Growth and Derrick’s new product Level; he plans to focus in on software developers
  • Don’t be afraid to go into large markets with your products and services to grow
  • Ben met up with the “guy” whose research he is using for his new company and the problems he plans to tackle
  • Ben plans to use WebRTC, unless or until an alternative appears
  • Ben has been thinking about positioning, and how it will affect his UX, pricing, and other factors
  • Ben settled on a name for his new business: Tuple (it was meant to be and nerdy enough for developers to get it)
  • Derrick battles for domains and wins Level.app

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