42: Fostering a Culture of Creativity with Rob Walling


May 17th, 2018

1 hr 36 secs

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About this Episode

Ben is away, so Derrick invited a special guest for this episode. Rob Walling was the co-founder of Drip and is the co-host of MicroConf. Rob recently removed Slack from his phone, and is waiting for Derrick’s Level product.

Level is an open source team communication tool that Derrick hopes will replace Slack among software teams. Others are looking forward to Level, as well, and wondering how many clients Level is going to be available on: Mobile, desktop...As Derrick continues to work on Level, the two also reminisce about their days together at Drip.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Derrick is planning to use Electron to build a desktop app for Level
  • Some follow a pure approach and go native, but it can be more difficult than expected
  • Bursting and psychological safety concepts allow people to express their ideas
  • What if? Be creative as a team, encourage everyone to collaborate, and make the environment comfortable for magic to happen
  • Individual vs. group brainstorming: Which works better? How do other companies do it?
  • Derrick plans to show polished, not raw sketches of Level to make it reviewable
  • Derrick has been building the product, writing code, nuking the database, and creating videos to show slices of Level being made
  • Derrick used Stripe Atlas to form an LLC for Level
  • Stripe is inspiring; believe that you can transition an industry, make things happen, and win the hearts and minds of developers
  • Derrick and Rob discuss the pros/cons of fundstrapping vs. bootstrapping
  • Rob shares feedback and reviews from listeners of his podcast
  • Rob and Derrick share their thoughts on cryptocurrency investing

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