47: Pacing Yourself When Starting Up


June 28th, 2018

33 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Despite being in the process of building new companies and products, Derrick and Ben understand the importance of sustainable pace - being able to unplug and get some rest to make smart decisions. So, Derrick just got back from vacation, and Ben plans to take some days off soon. It’s about the mental component of mastering your brain.

Derrick is getting back into the swing of things and trying to finish the mock-ups for communication flows inside Level. Ben has been focusing on filling up Tuple’s alpha and booking substantial pre-pays. Also, Ben shipped his landing page and already has about 12,000 subscribers.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Moving away from crud and crappy versions, and switching to a fully native app
  • Reaching a certain bar to get the product in users’ hand; adjust and pivot as needed and be a suitable alternative
  • Making a decision whether to build in Electron or not
  • Is a desktop app necessary? Always-open option can lead to missed productivity
  • KPI dashboard - what gets measured, gets managed
  • Restart of code quality challenge: Sign up for next cohort in July
  • Following challenge, pitch people on paid pair programming course
  • Buying time to make a product really good, and training next generation of customers
  • Business Idea: CEOs need dashboards
  • 5-Minute Journal: I’m grateful for, what would make today great, and I am…; and 3 amazing things that happened today and how could I have made today even better

Links and resources:

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