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Today we talk about how Ben just launched his new landing page and set up the domain for his new Rails video course. Ben’s also feeling pretty good about being committed to the first thing and now it’s full steam ahead with the video course. Now it is time to put together a marketing and list-building plan and start organizing the content and getting feedback. Ben feels it will be a compelling video course and plans to go after pre-orders.

Derrick has been shipping stuff this week. He just rediscovered the pulse tab on GitHub which gives a nice summary of what they have done over the week. They are making improvements to the subscriber page, and they have added global snippets. They have more refinements coming such as search when there are many items in a drop-down list. Derrick has had a lot going on, so he is turning off some of his notifications to avoid overload when he is trying to work.

Today’s topics include:

Ben is beginning to focus on Rails in particular for his new video course.
The next step is driving as many people to the page as possible to collect emails.
Then he is putting together a working table of contents and getting feedback on that by reaching out to people who are interested.
Going after teams for video course projects.
Possible ways to structure things to appeal to teams that would purchase the course.
How it’s nice to have someone else you know nearby while working and the benefits of sharing co-working space.
Derrick has been making a lot of programming improvements and refinements to Drip.
Convenience and flexibility of using plugins.
Preventing things from getting lost in the noise.
Dealing with notification overload and letting go a little bit.

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