6: Refactoring Rails and Shareable Workflows


June 29th, 2017

33 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

On today’s episode we discuss Ben’s release of the first video in his Refactoring Rails course, on the benefits of following Rest in Rails applications. He goes over how he produced the video, sent it out and the feedback he got on his initial release. He now knows the rough format he wants to follow for the course, and he is still figuring out how many modules that would include. He is getting ready to release a final polished version, and has ordered some better audio recording equipment for future videos. His goal for next week is to release two more videos.

Derrick has been shipping even more this week, and has seen a huge improvement in his workflow by reducing the notifications on GitHub. His team is adjusting to a more efficient way of working instead of push notifications. He shipped out a widget to embed sharable workflows within a website that includes affiliate links. He and his team have also been strategizing about their back-end infrastructure and scaling their Drip delivery system.

Today’s Topics Include:

Ben’s Refactoring Rails course first course video release and feedback
The goals for the course format, length and possible supplementary materials
The tools and skills included in the video course that could be expanded
Releasing his video to a mailing list and ways to get more traffic
Reflecting on doing the course solo and how he’s liking the co-working space
Derrick’s improving work clarity by reducing GitHub notifications by unwatching of main drip repository
Creating a new system for the team to be most productive
Sharable workflows and the new embed widget
Improving scale for Drip delivery system and looking for new infrastructure systems

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