59: Pros and Cons of Working Alone on a Product


October 18th, 2018

41 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Adam Wathan, a software developer, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur joins Ben and Derrick on this episode. Adam is also the creator of Nitpick CI, author of Refactoring to Collections, and host of the Full Stack Radio podcast.

Usually isolated and working alone, Adam enjoys the opportunity to chat with others about what everyone is working on. It’s like a mastermind session that’s fun and rewarding!

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Ben launched Tuple’s Pair Programming Guide earlier than expected at learntopair.com
  • Ben continues to focus on marketing for Tuple, while other team members are developing the product
  • Derrick feels a sense of guilt when working, but not sharing; once you get out of the habit of working in public, it might be difficult to return to it
  • Derrick is up against his deadline of having a deliverable by the end of October
  • Pros and cons of working alone or with partners to handle tasks/responsibilities
  • Rails vs. Laravel Battle? No, PHP as a language battles with no one
  • Adam is working on a refactoring UI book/design survival kit; chapters are independent and pricing still needs to be established
  • What are digital vs. physical perks you could offer to those who purchase a product first?
  • Derrick has been getting Level ready for alpha users and spending time, more than he wants, to get file uploads to work on it

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