60: Celebrating the Small Wins


October 25th, 2018

26 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

The feeling of accomplishment you get from doing hard things has become Derrick’s way of living recently. Building a startup like Level is hard, but he feels good when he makes small wins. It’s rewarding when he makes progress.

Ben is on a roll right now with Tuple. He’s making progress and getting stuff done. His Pairing Programming Guide is turning people into Tuple subscribers.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Have people with high standards read and review your writing to get feedback
  • Ben’s article, The Case for Pair Programming, was on the front page of Hacker News
  • Ben’s marketing efforts for Tuple have increased its number of subscribers
  • Derrick has a unique challenge of prioritization, so he set a deadline
  • Derrick used Postgres to build a rudimentary search into Level
  • By the end of October, Derrick should have people/teams to test and use Level
  • Product Task List: After you launch, that’s not the end, it’s the beginning
  • Balancing personal finances with no income; set the bar high, but don’t sell yourself short

Links and resources:

Derrick Reimer Website

Derrick Reimer on Twitter

Ben Orenstein Website

Ben Orenstein on Twitter



Tuple’s Pair Programming Guide

The Case for Pair Programming


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