64: Habits for Hackers


November 21st, 2018

21 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Derrick shipped Level’s Daily Digest feature, which includes a summary of unread/read posts, sampling of posts/replies, and call to action. Also, thanks to Derrick killing it on Twitter, Art of Product’s social media presence is now legit!

Branding and awareness of Ben’s Tuple pair programming tool has garnered interest from well-known companies. So, it’s time to set a deadline for Tuple’s alpha.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Ups and downs of building a feature
  • Good Brain Hacking: Know yourself and have a strategy; try something from your toolbox to change your perspective
  • Ben designed the Habits for Hackers course; the experience was 50% amazing and 50% arduous - getting better at design through a trial-and-error method
  • Ben’s Design Tips: Copy existing things, read design tweets and watch refactoring UI videos from Steve Schoger, and have friends who will tell you when something isn’t good
  • Your success is a lagging indicator of your habits; Ben wants to be held accountable for practicing good development/work habits

Links and resources:

Art of Product on Twitter

Derrick Reimer Website

Derrick Reimer on Twitter

Ben Orenstein Website

Ben Orenstein on Twitter


Level Manifesto

The Level Journal


Tuple’s Pair Programming Guide

Habits for Hackers


Ruby on Rails




Steve Schoger

Steve Schoger’s Refactoring UI

Adam Wathan


The Bike Shed

Atomic Habits