67: Refining Level Notifications and Tuple Alpha Users


December 13th, 2018

36 mins 23 secs

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Derrick had an interesting week with Level. He focused on important features that will be a part of the product, including notifications dependent on team members’ jobs. Some may want more asynchronous and unobtrusive notifications than others. Level distinguishes configurable notifications based on different roles on a team. Notification policies seem simple on the surface, but are actually very complicated.

Ben announced that November was Tuple’s best month ever for marketing! But now, he is approaching the alpha for Tuple and will focus his attention on product management. Ben wants to figure out what works and what doesn’t. After all, when you can see the wrong thing, the right thing becomes so much easier.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Derrick gained clarity on how things should work in Level by writing code and playing with different ideas
  • When in doubt about design, Derrick takes a screenshot of Level to put on Twitter and get feedback; keeps people invested in the process
  • Derrick is developing a thick skin and trying to not be defensive about design comments
  • Level will offer opt-ins and education that help users protect their time and priorities
  • Ben plans to pair with people using Tuple to identify UX annoyances
  • Tuple is about to crack the 3,000 people milestone on its mailing list
  • Level received new refers and spikes in traffic; awareness is building
  • How to continue to grow your tribe? Opportunities to have an audience when you’re doing interesting stuff
  • Level’s content strategy will focus on high-quality content, not high-volume content; Derrick plans to commit to cadence of consistency
  • Can spend time on something, and years later, people still go to it as a valuable reference
  • Ben wants to open up sales for the Habits for Hackers course, but limit the number of spots available; he’s considering a reverse auction
  • Derrick’s been considering creative ways to structure pre-orders and pre-sales for Level; trying to decide whether to turn off pre-orders

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