66: TinySeed Updates with Rob Walling


December 6th, 2018

45 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Ben and Derrick are joined by Rob Walling to share updates - their favorite part of most podcasts!

It’s been a good week in Tuple marketing land. Thanks to Ben’s tweet announcing the release date for its alpha, his launch list goal was reached. He was surprised by how willing people were to help out when he asked them to do it.

Rob is working on TinySeed, a startup accelerator for bootstrappers.

Derrick provided a pre-order update on Level and plans to do direct outreach to those who ordered it to determine their level of interest for validation.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Managing Mental State: Jubilation followed by fear; developers tend to turn something positive into a negative
  • Ben’s customized onboarding experience with Superhuman to be set up for success
  • TinySeed takes a sane approach to work and build stuff that everyone can benefit from
  • Believing in and making a big commitment to your startup; if it fails, that’ll be a bummer
  • Frequent Feedback: Know where you’re going
  • Angel investing has given Rob a specific skill set from how to pick founders/companies to being their advisor
  • More money doesn’t make you move faster, especially when it comes to SaaS startups
  • TinySeed follows the dividends/cash for equity approach when milestones are met to align everybody; forced accountability through meetings
  • Derrick is working on Level’s onboarding flow and laying a foundation for future tutorials for users to embrace a different way of working
  • Derrick’s addressing the legal side of Level, such as privacy policies/terms of service
  • Chat is junk food - it’s a bad thing, but you still want it; Level is more like the vegetables and what you actually need

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