7: Learning from Successes, and Failures


July 6th, 2017

38 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

This week Ben has been trying new productivity techniques and studying different systems of workflow. He finished a new course video on Page Objects, and has sketched out a second video to hit his pre-vacation goal. He also released a re-edit of his first video, and is strategizing on how much material to drip out in promoting the course. He’s thinking of approaching his course videos similar to how he would approach giving a talk, and giving each one more practice before going live.

Derrick had a technical issue over the weekend, which his team worked out and stabilized. He has decided to adopt a “blameless post-mortem” approach to problem-solving going forward. The incident ended up turning into a learning exercise and they are going to focus on building a playbook as a resource in the future.

Today’s Topics Include:

Testing work productivity methods
Planning a drip release of a video course
Improving video recording prep and practice
Pacing and speed of course videos
A “blameless post-mortem” approach to problem solving
Building documentation to help teams respond to technical issues

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Links and resources:

Deep Work by Cal Newport
Refactoring from Good to Great - Aloha Ruby Conference talk by Ben Orenstein
Blameless post-mortems