74: The Only Way To Learn


February 7th, 2019

35 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

Do you lack energy or motivation at work? Ben tried a new service called, Work Gym from Ultraworking. He found it worthwhile and got a lot of work done on Tuple that he had been putting off for quite awhile. Tuple is about to reach a major milestone - recent PR deployments mean no more global list of online users.

Derrick has also been addressing how to set up companies, teams, and individual users interested in trying Level. So, he hasn’t intentionally built any billing model into the backend of Level, yet

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Prioritizing tasks and trying to be comfortable with the lack of knowing everything
  • Ben and Derrick find value in sales and onboarding calls, although the take up time
  • Doesn’t matter if something isn’t right, right now; keep experimenting, learning, and testing to figure out what works
  • People are willing to pre-pay to be placed on the newly created Tuple trials wait list
  • Tuple Status: Stability is going up, bugs are being fixed, and crashing occurs less often
  • Tuple plans to deploy a fix where users don’t have to enter a keychain password every time to update the app and support for them to choose which display they want to share
  • Results from Superhuman Product Market Fit Survey sent to Tuple users
  • Ben’s Bad Idea: He decided not to do Habits for Hackers due to lack of pricing and bids
  • Derrick continues to do onboarding calls with Level users and reach out to those who were invited and pre-paid, but have not scheduled a demo
  • Derrick shipped an integration for users to post a message to an endpoint that will be directly posted to a channel or another person in Level to centralize relevant notifications

Links and resources:


Ultraworking’s Cycles Template


Superhuman Product Market Fit Survey

Habits for Hackers


Art of Product on Twitter

Derrick Reimer Website

Derrick Reimer on Twitter

Ben Orenstein Website

Ben Orenstein on Twitter