75: Lots to Be Grateful For


February 21st, 2019

35 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

Ben is thankful for Tuple’s success so far. It is helping companies improve efficiency and countries improve the quality of their residents’ lives.

Derrick also expresses gratitude for companies being interested in his product, Level. He is setting up a specific team in Level and addressing concerns to convert them.

Today’s Topics Include:

People want to work at Tuple, and specifically for Ben; it’s flattering, but Tuple is not hiring
Tuple beat out a competitor during a company’s trial use
Tuple will be given to Watsi, a non-profit that does crowdfunding for medical procedures in third-world countries and is developing a platform for countries to manage healthcare
Core Competency: Keep your brain sane during challenges and changes
Vice vs. Virtue: Coach and convince champions that Level may not be immediately gratifying, but a virtuous and better way to work
Tuple is no longer offering free trials; pain of purchase and pre-qualification put up front
Calls to action, connections, and surveys help identify ideal prospects and leads

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