76: The Scotch Budget


February 28th, 2019

28 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Derrick’s been on a startup roller coaster. It’s been one of those weeks for him. So, he’s grateful for Scotch! He just factors it into Level’s budget.

Along the same lines, Tuple bought lunch today for its staff. It feels free, but Ben doesn’t think you can write off such expenses, even if you talk about business between bites.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Boring numbers stuff and stress of assembling financials for 2018 taxes
  • Ben’s goal to meditate every day in February to feel centered in the startup world
  • Spotify surfacing new music helps re-energize Derrick’s work day
  • Tuple’s Goals: Focus on stability in February; onboard additional teams and return to feature development in March
  • Don’t assume; ask users what they want and make sure you clearly understand them
  • Derrick shares Level updates on Startups for the Rest of Us podcast
  • Do metrics matter? Derrick’s on an information diet to uncloud his brain
  • No Twitter for Ben before noon because it’s too much of a distraction
  • Performance overhaul and interface update to improve users’ impression of Level
  • Tuple’s recent improvements include proxy server support and a feedback button
  • Ben’s Tuple Onboarding Calls: Fun to show people the product for the first time

Links and resources:

Art of Product on Twitter

Derrick Reimer Website

Derrick’s Level Manifesto

Derrick Reimer on Twitter

Ben Orenstein Website

Ben Orenstein on Twitter



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