78: Ultraworking with Sebastian Marshall


March 14th, 2019

47 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

We all freak out about things from time to time. Ben becomes neurotic about feedback, but fellow Tuple team members have different triggers that put them into a tailspin. Fortunately, Ben has found ways to better handle stress.

In this episode, Ben and Derrick are joined by Sebastian Marshall, co-founder of Ultraworking. In previous episodes, Ben has mentioned Ultraworking and how he has benefitted from it.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Using what he learned about monthly planning from Ultraworking, Ben did March for Tuple
  • Ben met meditation goal via Ultraworking’s Lights spreadsheet, accountability partners
  • 10 to 10: Ben’s theme for March; wants to win the night and beginning of the day by going to bed at the right time and developing a morning routine to be more alert and energetic
  • Ben’s doing Tuple demos and getting positive feedback; promising things are happening
  • Derrick decided to move forward with notifications feature for Level; shipping it soon
  • Note about Level’s performance improvement offers positive sentiment and sanity check
  • How much do you trust your own emotional memory, if you feel like you’re making progress or not? Do a data-driven review of week to assess and analyze headway
  • Track where your time is spent using start and end time; only track most important work
  • Defining wasted vs. leisure time; aren’t they the same? Depends on how you feel afterwards? Good or bad?
  • Two categories of “bad” time: Neurotic flow and regret agreeing to something
  • Average day in the life of Sebastian at Ultraworking; what makes or breaks his week
  • Building a company and keeping it alive; Ben’s “duh” moment about delegating
  • Ultraworking’s Work Cycles: Doing work (creative, technical, etc.) in structured way

Links and resources:

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Derrick Reimer on Twitter

Ben Orenstein Website

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Ultraworking: Monthly Planning

Ultraworking: Cycles Template

Ultraworking: Lights Spreadsheet

Roguelike by Sebastian Marshall




Extreme Productivity by Robert Pozen