79: Moving out of Alpha


March 18th, 2019

28 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Ben shares that Tuple is now out of alpha and into beta, which is an arbitrary marker of stability and feature ability. The move is working as planned by serving as a way for customers to choose to opt in or out, depending on if they want it now or wait until it’s launched.

Derrick choose to steer away from such labels with Level, but understands they might have been beneficial to clearly denote the product’s progress.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Ben’s in onboarding mode with Tuple; spent February selling, people pre-pay first month
  • Where are these people coming from? Inbound interest via email list
  • Derrick’s next high-level thing to do is proactively recruit key teams, but how?
  • No more free trials for Level; Derrick has no qualms about asking people to pay for it
  • Tuple’s always testing new pricing, so some prices were tweaked recently
  • Two New Tuple Things: Ability to control resolution of call from guest side, and retrospective added to discuss how product and company are better than last week
  • Notifications feature in Level finally shipped on Friday; Derrick’s responding to feedback
  • Level’s Potential Golden Metric: Switching rate from Slack
  • If it’s not worth paying for, why not? Feeling ready and right, not forcing a decision

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