87: Meta Podcasting


May 2nd, 2019

47 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Ben boldly admitted to doing a “weird” thing. He started listening to “us.” Not necessarily for quality control, but to spark his memory about topics Derrick and he talked about in previous AoP episodes. As a result, Ben’s become addicted to listening to people building companies podcasts. Unfortunately, there’s just not that many of them.

Derrick also admitted to listening regularly to previous AoP episodes. But more so during the early days of the podcast, when he was apprehensive about his own ability on the microphone and wanted to find ways to improve.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Cool Podcast with Cold Open: Hit “Play” and start talking
  • Autophagy: Putting a twist-tie on snack cabinet sucks, but benefits your body and brain
  • Tuple’s most requested feature: Multi-way calls
  • Successful Meta-habit: Surveys serve as way to get feedback on product features
  • Potential strategies for setting a launch date for Tuple
  • Art of Building a Product and Company: Word-of-mouth, referrals, affiliate programs
  • Derrick’s Level Launch: Warm email reminder to whet people’s appetite
  • Mini-funnel Metrics for Level Launch:
  • 500 given access to Level via email
  • 70% open rate for email
  • 182 created user account
  • 41 created a team
  • Onboarding Process for Level:
  • Step 1: Create user account
  • Step 2: Demo account is activated
  • Fork in the Road: Optimize each phase and equip people to make it through funnel to get feedback on Level
  • Derrick’s Top 2 Priorities for Level: Documentation and more manual outreach
  • Derrick gets Ben “Pricing” Orenstein’s advice on who needs Level the most
  • Derrick’s Plan for Level: Repeat, refine, and resend

Links and resources:

Art of Product on Twitter

Derrick Reimer Website

Derrick Reimer on Twitter

Ben Orenstein Website

Ben Orenstein on Twitter



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