9: Deep Thinking and Finding Your Groove


July 20th, 2017

24 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

This week Ben is adjusting to jet-lag from his travels to Las Vegas and Martha’s Vineyard last week. He did however manage to release another episode of his sample campaign that was recorded before his vacation, so he is making good progress with the course. He has a welcome to the mailing list campaign featuring the three sample videos, and has nailed down a pacing and difficulty level for recording each video. He will finish a fourth video in the next few days and is thinking of pre-launching the course once at least half has been recorded.

Derrick is celebrating and reflecting on the one year anniversary of the Drip acquisition. They have gone from 3 to 10 engineers in the last year, and have really hit their stride in productivity. Their free plan has launched, which has only been feasible since receiving funding, and it has been a successful market strategy. Overall he has been a bit stressed at managing the large scale use of their platform while planning for future growth.

Today’s Topics Include:

Falling out of good routines while traveling
Releasing evergreen content instead of broadcasts
Thinking about non-native English speaking viewers when recording videos
Celebrating the Drip one year anniversary of acquisition
Managing current workloads while scaling and also planning for growth
Scaling challenges in SaaS businesses
Keeping mental and physical health up during stressful times
Getting used to using the Amazon Echo

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